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07/11/2014 - Review

Review (so we assume) in spanish at MAIDENMETAL.Es

07/11/2014 - Hey Folks

We have been really lazy to tell anything about vinyl release. As You notice release date passed, but LP will come. The shitty thing is that even we do not know when. Few different problems caused this.

07/11/2014 - Review

Review kind of thing after short hiatus at GOURMET ROADKILL ZINE

14/10/2014 - Review


10/10/2014 - Live-show day

Today is a live-show day! Today is also radio-interview day. Teppo on air at Radio City (local) and Hiili and Teppo at Radio Kompassi.

And live in MUSTAKYNNYS!

09/10/2014 - Interview again

Super cool interview (in Finnish) on TORIKOKOUS.FI

07/10/2014 - Review

Great review (in Finnish) on MESTA.NET!

26/09/2014 - On Going music video

Are we on drugs or is it just directors fault?
Check out the new music video on YOUTUBE!

24/09/2014 - Interview

Check out what TH's bullshittin'

23/09/2014 - Album pre-listening

Hey folks! Whole album pre-listening happens HERE!

19/09/2014 - the cd has arrived

The CD has arrived! Do Your thing and make us rich – You know how, but we help You to do it so here is the link:

17/09/2014 - First album review

The first album review in ExtremeUndergroundMusicZine!
Nice – 8/10 ... even we have new name

12/09/2014 - Interview in Rumba magazine

It's about time for weekly press out come. Check out the interview in Rumba magazine!